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Shiv GramoudyogSansthan is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Small Scale Unit (SSI) involved in production, supply of wide array of Honey Products that are processed using completely natural and organic manner that leaves zero possibility for any antibiotic agent in our products. We also offer Honey Bees and Beehives that cater to the increasing demand of honey processing industry. With specialization in designing and development of Honey Processing unit, Beekeeping Equipments and Tools, we aid and assist professionals involved in honey extraction and production industry. Apart from this, we also offer reliable Beekeeping Training and Honey Beehives maintenance services to farmers and interested individuals in the form of certificate courses. In addition to the honey allied products, we also specialize in offering Earthworm &Vermi-compost that can be used in agricultural industry to increase the fertility of the soil.

Breakfast Honeys

Shiv Gramoudyog Sansthan breakfast honeys are perfect for waking up your breakfast, naturally. Drizzle over your toast, porridge, yoghurt, pancakes, waffles or crumpets.

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Cooking Honeys

Much like wine, honey has lots of different flavours, colours and textures. These different flavours make our cooking honeys perfect for a variety of dishes.

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Manuka & Supahoney

Shiv Gramoudyog Sansthan NPA Manuka Honey is guaranteed 100% pure and authentic. We blend our 5+ Manuka with clear honey to create Supahoney™, the perfect winter warmer.

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